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About Summer Sisters Designs

Our Story


Summer Sisters Designs began in 1998 when people, who had seen the T-shirt quilts that my sister and I were making for our friends and family, started asking us to make quilts out of their T-shirt collections. Since then I have made hundreds of special quilts celebrating graduations, weddings, birthdays and the memory of loved ones who have passed away. I love the challenge of making quilts that are not only beautiful but that also tell a person's own unique story. 

I hope you will consider Summer Sisters Designs to create your special one-of-a-kind quilt. 

Custom Orders

Each quilt is uniquely designed.

I consult with each of my customers to understand their unique quilt wishes. Based on those wishes I suggest designs, fabrics and personalization for their custom quilt. I can chat with you over the phone, via email or can meet with you in person (if you live in Northern Virginia.) I have happy customers all over the country! Depending on my quiltmaking schedule it takes one to three months to delivery a custom quilt. I require a 50% deposit to hold you a place in my quiltmaking schedule. The final balance is due upon completion of your quilt.

How Our Quilts are Made


Each of my quilts is uniquely designed and quilted. To create a durable quilt at a competitive price, my quilts are machine-pieced and machine-quilted. Because the edges of a quilt are susceptible to wear, the quilt is finished with a custom-made double french bias binding that gives it added strength and durability.  I hand appIique a custom quilt label to the back of the quilt to ensure that the history of your quilt endures. Each quilt is gently machine-washable and fashioned to provide years of use and enjoyment.

So what do my customers think of their custom quilts?

"It is so beautiful! I'm in tears. 

It's more striking than I thought possible. Thank you so much."

... Carolyn B.

"Absolutely beautiful. 

You're a genius and an artist! Thank you so much. With a lot of tears."

..... Francine P.

"We just opened the quilt. It is stunning! She will flip when she sees it. Such a great gift. We can't thank you enough."

.... Patrick R.

My daughter could not have been more pleased and surprised to see the quilts. She burst into tears as soon as she realized what that were. I just wanted to let you know that your work is perfection and the joy it brings is immeasurable."

... Michelle S.

"Some things are priceless. This quilt is one of them. I can't thank you enough. I know she will absolutely LOVE it!"

... Didem M.

"I could not predict just how magnificent my quilt would turn out to be! Nothing has been as meaningful before - from the T-shirts I wore tirelessly, the activitites I dedicated my time to, the loving stitches I know could not have come from anyone better. I am honored to be a recipient of such a wonderful quilt."

... Mary Lacy G.

T-shirt Quilts

A T-shirt quilt can be made from as few as five T-shirts or as many as 30+ T-shirts. Unlike many other T-shirt quilt makers, I use all of the T-shirt art (fronts, backs, pockets, sleeves) and trim it to a size that complements the artwork. This results in a variety of different size squares that add interest to the quilt top.  Over the years I have incorporated lots of other unique and special articles into T-shirt quilts including baseball caps, varsity letters, band uniforms, hockey jerseys, and patches,  

All T-shirts are stabilized with lightweight fusible interfacing to ensure they do not stretch and warp in the quilt top. This also provides additional stability to T-shirts that have been greatly lived in and loved over the years.

The quilt sashing, border and backing fabrics are selected to complement the colors of the T-shirts and appeal to the quilt recipient. Is the recipient a male or female? Do they like bold prints or subtle patterns? Do they have a favorite color or a color they dislike? Would they like a fun novelty print fabric (such as sports or music or travel) that would represent the theme of the quilt or the interests of the quilt recipient?  

My T-shirt quilts are machine pieced and quilted to create a quality, durable quilt. Outline quilting and quilting accents (such as ocean waves, anchors suns or stars) are often added to further complement the art and stabilize the quilt. Special detailing, such as monograms, scripting quilting and photo squares can be incorporated to further personalize the quilt.

Click below to see more photos from my T-shirt Quilt Portfolio


Custom Quilts

Come back soon! I'm still writing up what goes into making a  custom quilt.


Memory Quilts

Over the years I have found that memory quilts tend to fall into one of two categories: "Loved One" memory quilts or "Special Occasion" memory quilts. 

A "Loved One" memory quilt celebrates the memory of a loved one who has passed away and is made from articles of clothing that that person has worn. The clothing used can include dresses, shirts, ties, slacks, blouses, and even jeans. My goal is to design a quilt that showcases the clothing. Additional cotton fabrics are used for background and sashing and are selected to complement the clothing and the design. 

A special kind of "Loved One" memory quilt is the Mother's Memory Quilt. It celebrates the mother and is made for the mother from the baby clothes of her children. 

A "Special Occasion" memory quilt celebrates a special occasion, such as a wedding, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or baby shower. These quilts are typically made from purchased cotton fabrics and include special photo squares and/or autograph squares. These squares are often the guest book for the special occasions. I have worked with customers before their special occasion and provided them with the prepared fabric signature blocks and pigma pens they will need for their event. Those blocks are then returned to me to incorporate into a quilt top. I have also worked on special occasion quilts after the fact when the customer already has signature blocks and wants them turned into a quilt keepsake.  

Click below to see photos from my Memory Quilt Portfolio.


How much does a quilt cost?

Taxes and shipping (if applicable) are additional.

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