How Our Quilts Are Made


A T-shirt quilt can be made from as few as five T-shirts or as many as 30+ T-shirts. All of the T-shirt art is used and trimmed to a size that complements the artwork. Small logos, imprinted pockets, labels, sleeves with designs and the large artwork on the front and back are all used to create a variety of different size squares that add interest to the quilt top. All of the T-shirts are stabilized with fusible interfacing to ensure they do not stretch and warp in the quilt top. It is also possible to incorporate other memorabilia into your quilt. We have included patches, the brim of baseball caps, even varsity letters in some of our quilts. 

The quilt sashing, border and backing fabrics are selected to complement and pull together the colors of the T-shirts or convey the theme of the quilt. A novelty print (such as sports, music or travel) can be used to represent the theme of the T-shirts or the interests of the quilt recipient.


The T-shirt quilt is machine-pieced and machine-quilted to create a quality, durable quilt at a competitive price. Outline quilting and quilting accents; such as ocean waves, anchors or stars; are added to further complement the art and stablilize the quilt. Special detailing, such as monograms, script quilting and photo squares can be incorporated to further personalize the quilt.

Because the edges of a quilt are the most susceptible to wear, the quilt is finished with a custom-made double French bias bind that gives it added strength and durability. Each quilt is gently machine-washable and fashioned to provide years of use and enjoyment.



Quilts that have a personal history are the most valuable and treasured. To ensure that the history of your quilt endures, we hand-applique a custom quilt label to the back of the quilt that tells the "story" of your quilt. This can be a message, quotation, dedication or any other wording that you provide. A photo can be included on the quilt label for a nominal cost. We are happy to work with you on the wording of your quilt label.

For additional information or to commission a custom quilt of your own, please contact Kathleen Rice. 

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